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Herban Health

Serving the Extended East Palo Alto Community

To make a CLINIC appointment, call or text 650-327-7894.  For TEXT updates, text HEALTH to 866-925-2986, or SIGN UP Here



Herban Health is an East Palo Alto based nonprofit corporation offering holistic health care to local residents. Holistic health care works to make a good health through supporting the whole person: physical, mental and spiritual. We at Herban Health have been providing holistic health care in the extended East Palo Alto community since 2004, by working directly in community based organizations in order to reach people in their own environments. Our goal is to help people with limited resources help themselves to live in a more balanced and healthy way and we work together to make a healthier community. Herban Health celebrates the healing power of culture within and between our participants and our providers who are majority People of Color.

Health is more than the absence of disease. It is being able to live in an environment with opportunities to develop and thrive, with respect, equity, and social justice.

We Provide:
  • Acupuncture Clinics
  • Yoga Classes
  • Meditation Classes
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Other Health Classes

Our mobile friendly website provides:
  • Information on community resources available to the extended East Palo Alto community on essential services such as food, housing, safety, education, support for seniors, teens and youth, and jobs.
  • An opportunity to exchange views and experiences on these essential services through forums and blogs.
  • Short videos for health education.
  • Short videos highlighting the creativity of the community in art, music, dance, poetry and more.
Creativity: Scribble Drawing
Scribble drawings, for all ages, can foster engagement and communication through lighthearted creative expression.
Community Information: Rent Relief Program
CA COVID-19 Rent relief program, Víctor Ramírez, Administrator; EPA Rent Stabilization Program, 650 853-3157

Yoga in Spanish with Dariana

10 Minute Yoga Full Body Stretch For Stiff Bodies

Health: QiGong Slapping Points
QiGong Slapping points stimulate acupuncture points by slapping.

Community Information: A Survivor’s Voice
A domestic violence survivor’s story of finding freedom from abuse.


Creativity: The Journey Into Journaling: Reflection and Release
Guided journaling and its benefits
Health: 10 minute Guided Meditation
10 minute guided meditation for beginners to clear thoughts.
Creativity: Strength Shields
Individual and Family strength shields are a fun and creative activity for promoting resilience and family togetherness!

Rev Stretch Spanish Version 
5 minute stretching exercises

5 Minute Meditation in Spanish

The SECOND issue of  EPA+ Health Newsletter is here! Please share with others and we welcome your feedback.
No Acupuncture Clinics July 6-August 31, 2024
New classes on Meditation, Yoga, and Healthy Eating in July and August
NOTES TO SUPPORTERS of the East Palo Alto+ Health Collective from the Second Annual Community Gathering 
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