What We Do

"Because health is determined by
social conditions."

HERBAN Health is launching an expanded service from our website to provide community health information so that we all can be healthier and be able to advocate for changes that will create a healthier community. In addition to updates of the clinics and classes, people will be able to get:

  • Clear and direct contact information on the areas that are required to lead a healthy life such as safety, food, housing, education, health care;
  • Opportunity to have community discussions on areas that are affecting people’s well being, so that people can work together to make changes in the community to increase the health of both the community and the individuals in it.

Herban Health believes that people themselves best understand their own circumstances and we honor and strive to support those who want to heal themselves. AND that inequality of resources isn ingrained in our healthcare system which affects the entire fabric of our society.

Direct Services

  • - Holistic healthcare
    1. Acupuncture
    2. Classes
    3. Calendar
  • - Health videos
  • - Conversations

Community Connections

  • - Resources and advocacy
  • - Safety, housing, jobs
  • - Healthcare & Mental health
  • - Education, Youth
  • - Speak your mind, join/share with others

Our knowledge

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