Thank You to Our Giants
(updated Jan 26, 2011)


There are many people who helped get Herban Health going. As we enter our seventh year of service we would like to take a moment to acknowledge them. Mary Nichols and Dyanne Ladine put their first needles in for Herban Health at Free At Last in 2004, with little idea of whether no one or many people would show up. Sometimes it was one or the other. Prior to this event taking place, there were many people who brought Herban Health to that point, and we would like to thank those who provided advice, support, ideas, love and actual treatments in serving people who have so little in the midst of so much.

Included in what we consider Our Giants, people who were there in the beginning are: Pam Olton, Sharon Hennessey, Gene London, Andrew Fitzcharles, Mary Nichols, Barbara Fischbach, Jennifer Everett, William Chen, Natasha Nelson, Stan Matthews, Hellen Ye, Tamara Wolfson, Neena Arora, and Faith Oh. Many folks have joined us since then and we will celebrate them at another time. But for now, we express our deep thanks, love and appreciation to Our Giants.

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